Mind your manners, dick and jane

With the familiar faces of Dick and Jane, this little book is a perfectly cheeky take on manners for the modern day. It's a step-bystep guide to politeness in everyday life, including everything from table manners to tidying up after oneself. For example, the book reminds readers that your mother (who likely works fifty hours a week) is not your maid, so you should always rinse your dishes and put them away in the dishwasher. This witty little book is great for growing children or teenagers--or even adults--and will help remind us all to mind our manners.

 Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Quotable Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer can toss a one-liner more lethal than her right hook -- without breaking a sweat. Fans of Buffy's wicked wordplay won't to miss this exhaustive collection of the funniest, most telling, and often poignant quotes from the Emmy nominated television show. 

Charmed: House of Shards

The one thing any Halliwell witch has always been able to count on is Halliwell Manor, the ancestral home of the Charmed Ones and one of San Francisco's historical landmark homes. The grand old house has sheltered generations of women, and bits of Charmed history are practically built into the walls.

So when the Manor seems to have turned against its inhabitants, needless to say, the Halliwell sisters start to worry. It begins simply: The hot water heater is broken. No big: Leo's great around the house. But this is no simple plumbing problem. Soon, the Manor seems to be messing with the girls, Leo, and Wyatt in increasingly malicious ways. Thankfully, the Book of Shadows has created a safe zone for itself in the attic. But the Charmed Ones can hardly live up there forever. . . . Can they find out what's turned their safe haven into an evil lair before it's too late — for the Manor, and for them?


Charmed: Changeling Places

Piper is trying to be her usual superwitch self and do it all — run P3, take care of her newborn son, Wyatt, and, of course, save Innocents. Her first week back at work is hard — leaving Wyatt at his day care center makes Piper feel like she's abandoning her son. At least Paige has taken a temp job there, and Wyatt seems perfectly content and safe.

But is he? Piper notices that Wyatt's acting strange, not eating or sleeping according to his normal schedule. Phoebe thinks the baby is just going through a stage, but Piper is not convinced. Several of the center's other charges have been exhibiting the same behavior, and some parents are pulling their children from the center's care. After one toddler asks Paige, "Did they take them because they're the wrong babies?" the sisters discover that someone's swapping babies all over San Francisco. The Charmed Ones spring into action, because not only is Wyatt the most magical being on the planet, but he's also a Halliwell...and nobody messes with the Halliwells!